Saturday, January 15, 2011

email Issues

The process of setting up was straightforward for my email account. However, I could not set up my AT&T DSL email address using the wizard. It could not handle having the mail servers with a different domain name than my email address. What I did was set up an email account for and then manually change the settings to those for the AT&T account. That worked fine.

One feature on my N95 that is missing on the N8 is the ability to delete a message from the server when I delete it from the phone. This is useful for getting rid of junk mail when I am away from my computer for an extended period.

The mail software does not let me set up folders to stash emails. This would help me keep my good emails separate from the junk email.

Other than that, the email application is very good and will be a useful way to receive email when I am away from my computer.

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