Thursday, December 30, 2010

Initial Software Installation

A lot of software had to be installed or reinstalled. The basic phone software was up to date, But I had to install a new version of the Mapping software, the Ovi application, and the Top Applications software. I then installed all of the maps for the U.S. (including the U.S. Virgin Islands).

I had some problems with all of this due to my unfamiliarity with the N8. the Ovi software does not seem to be entirely stable. It will hang my computer up when it is interrupted. If you wait patiently enough, the computer comes back and you can proceed.

Ovi has been around for a while and supports a broad set of Nokia phones. I expected that its operation would be hassle free by this time. This was not the case.

I was able to sort these problems out and get the phone set up.

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